October 2023

GADZOOKS! Let bottles of vintage Bollinger be popped with not a thought for the cost, and let pensioners skip down the street kicking up their heels with gay abandon and flinging their Zimmer frames into the air to lodge in random trees and serve as perches for grateful rooks.

Why, oh why, I hear you cry? Well, because with 32 cracking entries for this month’s photo comp, the previous record of 28 has been consigned to the dustbin of history as surely as the carburettors in internal combustion engines.

Oh, wait; I’ve just remembered: we’re still using those. Still, never mind; it’s an astonishing haul of photos, several of them stunners, which is going to make our job judging the winners even harder this month.

Still, good problem to have. As always, the best of the best will be in your next MF, and keep them coming!

Geoff Hill, MF Editor