November 2023

HERE, have you lot never heard of the statistical theory called regression to the mean?

In sport, it means that every player or team has an average, or mean, performance level, so if they play well one time, the next time they’re likely to play badly to maintain that mean.

It meant that when I was playing or coaching volleyball, I was glad if we had a poor training session before a big game, because it meant the game would be a cracker.

Anyway, to get to the point for a change, after last week’s record-breaking 32 photo comp entries, I thought regression to the mean would mean one entry this month, of a rusty carburettor or something.

But not a bit of it, with 20 in, some of them stunners. I salute you for proving that theory wrong, you mad, impetuous anarchists.

As always, the chosen few in your next MF, and keep them coming!

Geoff Hill, MF Editor