November 2022

FIRST the slightly bad news: as you’ll read in your next MF, the print magazine is returning to 48 pages after a couple of years at 52 because the BMAA is facing a slight deficit in the coming year, as we all are because of soaring costs in everything from gas bills and mortgages to the amount of wine needed to cope with both.

MF had previously been reduced from 52 pages in 2013 due to a fall in advertising revenue, then went up to 52 in 2020.

That means the photo comp may have to return to two or three pages instead of the bounteous joy of four you’ve all been enjoying for a while.

The good news is that all the entries every month will be still in eMF, so feast your eyes on these 12 beauties: proof yet again that for microlight pilots, the flying season starts on New Year’s Day and ends on New Year’s Eve.