May 2024

PLOP wheeeeeeee splat! Sorry about that: it was the sound of the cat being sucked out of the cat flap by Storm Kathleen, then colliding head-first with the wall in the back yard. Thank heavens he was wearing his crash helmet, although with only two brain cells, one marked Eat and the other Sleep, there’s little chance of an impact actually damaging anything.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the photo competition. What with one storm and another, it’s a miracle that any of you got flying at all, never mind sending in a tidy dozen splendid shots for the comp.

Hero of the month award goes to Mike Calvert, who was up at sparrowfart on Easter Sunday for a flight – and he wasn’t even the first at the airfield when he arrived at East Fortune.

You’re all mad; and that’s what we like about you.

Geoff Hill, MF Editor