June 2024

HEAVENS to Betsy, but you lot have been getting around this month, with entries from as far north as Nordkapp at the tip-top tip of Norway to the Scilly Isles off the sunspoilt coast of Cornwall.

The Flexwing Hero Of The Month award, meanwhile, has joint winners this time around: Mike Calvert playing with his new toy at just above freezing on a flight from East Fortune, and Matt Howe in his QuikR over Nordkapp, where we expect it was even more chilly.

Although not as refreshing as when I spent a week riding a Royal Enfield and sidecar around a frozen lake in Mongolia in -40˚C wearing a pair of sparkly tights from Tesco.

It’s a long story. I’ll tell you sometime over a pint of Old Sparrowfart down at the Frog & Ferret.

Geoff Hill, MF Editor