January 2024

MY dear old Mum always says that there are only three types of people in the world: those who are good at maths, and those who aren’t.

But at this time of year, with everyone in Cumbria buried under five feet of snow and the temperature even in the balmy south colder than a penguin’s bottom, there are only two types: flexwing heroes and fixed-wing wusses.

So out of the 17 fabulous entries in this month’s competition, we salute the six flexwingers and a paramotorist who laughed in the face of hypothermia and leapt into the icy sky with a stiff upper lip; even if it was only stiff because it was frozen that way.

And if it’s any consolation, I’ve just bought a share in a Thruster, which comes with so much aircon that it’s as close to flexiness as a fixed-wing gets.

Anyway, none of us, fixed or flex, are a bit jealous of Jenny and Richard Thompson, who’ve decamped to southern Spain for the winter and left the rest of us huddling around our fridges to stay warm. No, no, not even a little bit.

Geoff Hill, MF Editor