February 2023

Chaps, chapesses and those who haven’t made their mind up, we salute you!

While GA pilots throughout the land sit in their toasty clubhouses sipping hot whiskies with honey, cloves and a dash of lemon as they gaze out at their sad Cessnas sitting in the snow, you lot are up in the burning blue actually flying.

Well, not burning at this time of year, but never mind.

As a result, we’ve a whopping 19 entries for this month’s competition, including frozen flexwing superheroes such as Tim Squires, Neil Griffin, Neil Douglas and Kai Foyen, who sacrificed their extremities to frostbite to get some stunning images of the snowscapes below.

Even if Kai had to put his mittens on when he reached 6000ft. Still, at least he was wearing flip-flops.

Gentlemen, your bits may have fallen off, but your sacrifice was not in vain. As a wuss who flies a Foxbat with a heater, I bow deeply to your indomitable lunacy. Sorry, I mean courage.

As always, the chosen – and frozen – few in your next MF.