December 2023

AS I write this, the wind’s gusting to 53mph outside, and the cat’s been blown in through the cat flap three times.

It’s been that sort of year, really, but I’m glad to see that on the few flyable days there’ve been, you lot have grabbed your Irvin jackets, hi-vis underpants and whatever else you flugel in, said farewell to your loved ones and trotted out the door with a cheery cry of: “Carpe diem!”

As all of you who attended St Genevieve’s Grammar School for the Terminally Bewildered, that’s Latin for “seize the fish”.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes: you’ve been up in the air enough to produce a sweet 16 fabulous entries this month, ranging from Northern Ireland in the west to Mont Blanc in the east.

The mountain, that is, not the pen. As always, the chosen few in your next MF.

Geoff Hill, MF Editor



The good folk at Kernan have turned some of their amazing pictures into a calendar entitled Northern Ireland from the Air.

The pictures share the sights and colours of the various seasons around the stunning Mournes, the majestic North Coast, and everywhere in between! 

They cost £10 each and every penny from the sales is being donated to the Brain Tumour Charity. To get one, message this page: