EASA Rule Change

EASA does it

EASA has allowed fixed-wing microlights to be used to maintain an EASA LAPL. [please note, item corrected to remove PPL, which following further investigation does not seem to be included]

“This is a great boost for us, as it means there is an incentive for EASA-licensed pilots to fly microlights. The more the merrier,” said BMAA CE Geoff Weighell.

“At the start of EASA in 2003...the microlight movement was about to become a grown up player in airsports and GA,” said an Europe Airsports statement.

“The aeroplanes had reached high quality and safety standards, but the authorities of the EASA member states did not yet want to face and accept the reality of the technical progress of three-axis microlight aeroplanes.

“It took many years to convince the regulatory system that hours flown on aeroplanes that are generally called microlights require the identical skills and airmanship as traditional SEP aeroplanes.

“The regulator and the authorities of the member states have acknowledged the contribution of the microlight movement and development to the improvement of aviation safety.

To read further details please follow this link to a copy of the Europe Airsports text.