BMAA AGM results

The BMAA AGM 2024 was held during the Popham Microlight Trade Fair on Saturday 4th May. It was very well attended with many useful and informative questions and comments from the floor. 

All proposals along with the 2022/23 accounts were approved and the auditors were re-appointed for 2024.

We welcomed Giles Fowler as an elected member of the BMAA Council. The first meeting of the new Council for 2024 took place immediately after the AGM; Tim Burrow and Cath Spence were re-elected as BMAA Chairman and Vice-Chair, Simon Heyes was appointed Treasurer. Other council members are Giles Fowler, Rob Grimwood, Derek Lamb, John Waite and Rob Hughes (BMAA CEO).

The full Minutes of the meeting will be published in the near future. 

Rob Hughes, BMAA CEO

Award Winners

BMAA Chairman Tim Burrow (left) congratulates Brendan Digney on being awarded the 'Young Persons Award' for 2023.