bmaa microlight open series - Sandy 2020

Title:                     Sandy Nav Challenge 2020

When:                  12.09.2020 - 13.09.2020

Category:             Open Series Event

Contact:              Mary Russell

Venue :                Sandy Airfield - Website

Coordinates :      Sandy - N 52 07.44 W 00 18.35        

Elevation:             80 ft


Sandy airfield has the usual on-site camping facilities and a local hotel within easy reach.  Our runways at Sandy are not long so be sure to consult the airfield plate for details.

We will be flying over East Anglia, with at least one outlanding on the Saturday, following given tracks and spotting ground features; maybe even plotting a course in flight for the more adventurous pilots.

Sandy’s first hosting of the Open Series in July 2019 set the precedent for a great weekend of flying and fun, and 2020 promises to live up to that.

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