bmaa microlight OPEN event - PRESTON CAPES



Title:                     Preston Capes 2020

When:                  08.05.2020 - 10.05.2020

Where:                 Preston Capes Airfield. Red House Farm

                              Eydon Lane

                              Preston Capes. NN11 3TD

Category:             Open Series Event

Coordinates:        N52°10 39.5 W001°10 33.8 

Unfortunately the the airfield operator and event organiser feel this this event and location is not suitable for participation by Giro Aircraft, therefore they can not accept registration for this aircraft type.

    Airfield No Fly Zones

    Airfield Circuits

Preston Capes Open Event

Based at Red House Farm Strip, Eydon Lane, Preston Capes NN11 3TD, near Daventry.

Organizer Frank Hodgson; 07984 159992

Airfield Information

PPR is provided only for registered participants in the event.

On approach or departure avoid flying over the village of Preston Capes and the villages of Charwelton (pheasant farm) and Maidford (chicken farm).

N-S runway circa 290 meters long.

E-W runway circa 500 meters long. 

(Hill runway to West of farm – not to be used for landing unless you are very familiar with it as it is steep)

Join overhead 1000 feet AGL or above. Circuits 560 feet AGL

N-S 02 - 20 runway, circuit to West avoid mast to north, Farm buildings at southern end

E-W 08 - 26 runway, circuit to South avoid horse farm 2 fields east of runway. 

Circuit to land to west, either turn inside horse farm or outside horse farm, avoid over flying it.

Elevation 560 feet. Microlight frequency. Make blind calls to ‘Preston Capes Traffic’. 


Fly-in from Thursday afternoon.  

3 flying tasks on both Friday and Saturday, 2 tasks on Sunday. 

The tasks are based  on flying skills; flight planning,  navigation, timing, aerial observation and precision landing. 

There is the opportunity to gain the Bronze Colibri Award. 

Camping is available and basic catering also . 

Participants can join in all three days or just for one or two of the days as they wish.