bmaa microlight  open events - Franglais Friendly 2020

Title:     Franglais Friendly 2020

When:  13.06.2020 - 19.06.2020

Where:  Blois - France

Organiser:  Samir Elari (France) Noel Mazaudier (France) - UK Contact Rob Keene

Category:  International Friendly Competition



This has been a fun friendly event which has grown in popularity year on year, the great relationship built over a number of years between both French and UK pilots really has made this a special event.

As the organisation of the event swaps each year between France and UK this year it is fallen to Samir Elari and Noel Mazaudier of France picking up the mantel. The only information we have at present is that it is likely to be organised along side one of Frances National events (Similar to our Open Series) and possibly hosted from Blois.

Franglais update.

Noel Mazaudier has now confirmed that the Franglais event for 2020 will be hosted at Blois between the 13th and 19th June. Noel and his team have extended a very warm invite to any UK pilot wishing to take part in this friendly competition which is generally more about good company, food and fun flying than it is a competition. None the less a winning crew and winning nation is awarded each year so a competition of sorts it must be.

Noel via FFPLUM (French BMAA equivalent) will do their very best to organise aircraft and participant registrations via a website link which is yet to be finalised and advised to us. They will require for this a current copy of both licence and insurance for each pilot and aircraft either taking part or visiting.

The organisers are happy to accept visiting, non competing aircraft but have indicated that free flying will be at the discretion of the event director Samir, they obviously would much rather have people taking part than just using the site as a base if only to make their time easier controlling aircraft movements.

As soon as we have been given any further information about the event or the registration link has been set up we will post here.

If you have any burning questions please contact Noel Mazaudier directly

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