National and International microlight records

So, you want to set a British or World record? Here’s how…

Firstly visit the World Air Sports Federation (the FAI)’s web page:

Then visit Richard Meredith-Hardy’s page at 

It’s full of useful information, though some is not quite up to date; example:

Official observers – any UK microlight instructor can act as your OO so long as they have read up on the record you are attempting and what they have to certify (for instance, they need to state they have witnessed an accurate weighing of your aeroplane). Or you can ask for someone else to be recognized as your OO if they can demonstrate their suitability to us.

There is an FAI fee for a World record claim (BMAA takes no fee for record claims). This is payable to the FAI and is currently CHF300 (Swiss Francs).  This fee needs to be paid to the BMAA along with your claim and we then forward the whole fee to the FAI. There is a pay button in the BMAA Shop:

You need to hold an FAI Sporting Licence for your claim to be processed. We issue these in the UK and we ask for a donation of £10:

It’s actually not that complicated but you do need to make sure the administration is completed – after all, you want to be sure that the current record holder was also following the rules when he set the record you’re hoping to beat.

We wish you the best of luck and contact us if you have any questions.