Microlight Flying Magazine - January 2021


Safety You may be flying sub-70kg, but you still need insurance. Marc Asquith explains. Don’t panic if you’re picked for a random survey, says Rob Mott. All Things Wings, with John Teesdale and Safety in the circuit, with Deepak Mahajan

Techtalk John Hunt on the best – and safest – ways to clean your screen and windows

40 Years Ago Norman Burr flicks through Flightline of January–February 1981

Those were the days Celebrating 40 years of the BMAA, Dave Smith looks back at the rapid progress of microlighting

In the Cockpit Meet Modest Merv Middleton, a most uncommon microlighter

Lure of the Lakes Sharon Cox and Capt Braders take a tour of Wordsworth country

Freedom! Ed McCallum and pals nip out between lockdowns to say hello to Europe

A splendid adventure 17-year-old student pilot Aleena Joshy makes her first visit to Sandown

Window of wonder Nushin Elahi in conversation with weatherman and trainee pilot Simon Keeling

Tees and pees normal Deepak Mahajan considers aviation’s odd rituals

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