The official magazine of the British Microlight Aircraft Association

Microlight Flying  (MF) is an all-colour A4 magazine, distributed monthly to members of the BMAA. Containing the latest news, views, letters, flight tests, reports and stories about flying, it is the premier microlight magazine available today.

Reading Microlight Flying online

Just click on the link below. You will need to be a BMAA member and logged into this website. Follow this link to log in to this web site .You can download each magazine as a .pdf. They are rather large files, maintaining the quality of the images, so please be patient.

MF Photo Competition

Every month eMF, our mid-month online magazine, publishes the great photos received from members, with the best of the best appearing in MF and the monthly winners going into the prestigious annual competition to pick the top three of the year. 

Writing for MF

The Editor of MF is always happy to receive contributions from members on topics of interest to microlight pilots. If you would like to submit an article, please first read the Editor's guide to writing for MF which you can download herePlease try and follow as closely as you can our house style. You can download our house style guide hereWhen you are ready to submit your article please use this email address

Aircraft Buyers' Guide. The MF team have published a Buyers' Guide which will now be published on this website as a stand alone page, meaning that you don't have to download a whole copy of MF to read it. To read the Buyers' Guide follow this link.