Pilot Licensing FAQs -Medical

I’ve made an online medical declaration. Do I need to do anything else?

You will need to print a copy of the pdf you were e-mailed when you made the declaration. This functions as your medical document, and needs to be sent in with your application. The BMAA will also need to see your CAA reference number. This will always be in the format of six numbers and one letter, e.g. 123456A. If you do not have a letter informing you of this from the CAA, you can derive this from their Shared Services Team by calling 0330 022 1972. The BMAA must have this number to complete a recommendation.

I have a ‘PMD’ submission number. Is this my CAA reference number?

No. It must be in the format 123456A. It will not be instantly generated, as the CAA will need to manually check that an applicant hasn’t already been assigned a CAA reference and forgotten to enter it. Your CAA reference will follow you all through your flying career, and should not change.

I have had a medical issue that has now cleared up. Can I still get an online medical?

Please consult our medical advisors at npplmedicaladvisor@bmaa.org for clarification.

I am a Commercial Pilot, so I have to be able to produce my EASA medical certificate at any time and can’t send it in. Is a photocopy okay?

In this case, yes. You must copy both sides of the document, and have it certified as a true copy on the side with your personal details printed, by your Microlight instructor.