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The BMAA Inspectors provide a valuable service to BMAA members who own microlight aircraft.

Find an inspector. BMAA inspectors are appointed individually. Each inspector will be authorised to conduct inspections only on specific aircraft types or that are of a specific construction, such as all-metal or wood. To find an inspector please use the post code look up to see who is near you.

Find a local inspector using our post code look-up search page

Inspector GDPR Questionnaire

Inspector information. The BMAA Chief Inspector publishes information for inspectors. Select the information by clicking on the link below.

SIGMA The BMAA document Standard Inspection Guidelines for Microlight Aircraft

CAA Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs)

CAP661 MPDs upto Jan 2012

CAA MPDs from 2012 to current day

Miscellaneous MPDs for all BMAA types

Engine MPDs for all BMAA types

Airframe MPDs for all BMAA types - see appropriate Aircraft Datasheet (TADS/HADS) using the link