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Pilot Information Leaflets

The importance of weight and balance. Pilot Information Leaflet 001

Microlights and Aircraft Radio. Pilot Information Leaflet 002

Microlight Flying Articles - Flight Safety

Jul 2019 I'm SAFE

Jun 2019 Why is gurgling good for you? 

May 2019 2018 Accident Analysis

Apr 2019 Now, how does this work again?  Knock the rust off your flying skills and don’t be an April fool!

Mar 2019 Someone else’s wake could be your funeral  Wake turbulence: the effects and dangers...

Feb 2019 Trim, the lurking gotcha  The trimmer, it makes life much easier for pilots, but can bite if not treated with respect.

Jan 2019 Jack Frost – your perfect flying buddy  Discusses the particular considerations of flying during winter periods.

Dec 2018 Get your act to together buster  Discusses the use of GPS to stop the rise of infringements.

Oct 2018 Silent but deadly  Advice on staying clear of glider launching/winch sites.

Aug 2018 Pay attention at the back, Jones Minor  Comprehensive guide to avoiding nasty mid-air meetings.

Jul 2018 Check, check, and check again  The perilous example of what can happen if you forget your checks.

Jun 2018 Dawn to dusk: 17 hours of flying fun  A short guide to making the most of the longest day.

May 2018 Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines  The Microlight Pilots’ Survival Guide to engine starting.

Apr 2018 Take 2 and stay out of trouble  Explaining the CAA "Take 2" initiative.

Mar 2018 If in doubt, sit it out  Discusses the precautionary landing technique.

Feb 2018 Situational awareness: the key to safe flying  Comprehensive guide to maintaining Situational Awareness.

Jan 2018 To go around or not to go around – that is the question  Comprehensive guide to "Going Around" or not.

Dec 2017 And… he’s up and running  Welcome to John Teesdale, the BMAA’s new Flight Training Liaison & Safety Officer.