bmaa flight safety - links to safety organisations

There are several sources of information relating to flight safety. We have copied the links below.

GASCo The General Aviation Safety Council is a charity set up to specifically promote safe flying. GASCo has been contracted by the Civil Aviation Authority to present Safety Evenings for pilots. In addition GASCo runs seminars and produces a quarterly magazine, Flight Safety, to inform and promote safe flying. Learn more from their web site by following the link.

Fly on Track The Fly on Track web site is supported by GASCo and the CAA. Among other information there are radar replays of airspace infringements and up to date information on chart changes, airspace activity and much more.

CHIRP The Confidential Human Incident Reporting Program receives reports from pilots about events that have happened to them, or been witnessed by them. The GA Board then reviews the reports, looks for lessons that can be learnt and then publishes the outcome of their discussions. Reading about someone else's event can be a good way of avoiding it becoming yours in the future.

Airprox Board On the theme of "we can all learn by other's events" the Airprox Board receives reports of close encounters between aircraft and considers whether there has been a risk of collision. The deliberations are published monthly on their web site. Well worth a read.

AAIB The Air Accident Investigation Branch of the Department for Transport is tasked with investigating air accidents and incidents. Their reports point at the cause of the events and pilots once again can learn from these.

ASI The Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI) is a joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD project to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace. The initiative aims to encourage good practice for all pilots, to help reduce airspace incidents such as infringements of controlled airspace.