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BMAA Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer Introduction and Role

As part of its commitment to promote a positive flight safety culture among its pilots, the BMAA employs a Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer. The key elements to the role are, in no particular order:

  • Analysing accidents and incidents to establish a method of dealing with common causes.
  • To liaise with microlight instructors and examiners to promote the improvement of handling and airmanship skills.
  • Presenting safety information in an effective manner to our membership
  • Regularly contributing a flight safety section to Microlight Flying magazine
  • Representing the BMAA to work with other aviation industry organisations and coordinate with national safety improvement policies.
  • Coordinating risk assessments for BMAA events and competitions
  • Maintaining the training syllabus
  • Reviewing and maintaining the pilot examinations.

The Safety Officer is available to assist and offer guidance on any matters concerning microlight flight safety or gaining an NPPL(M).