BMAA Flight Safety Home Page

The primary focus within all aviation activity is SAFETY. In all aspects of our sport SAFETY must come first, whether it be in pilot ability or the technical side of looking after our aircraft SAFETY is always the first consideration.

The BMAA promotes flight safety through our Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer, you can read more about the responsibilities of that post below.

The BMAA also works closely with the regulator, CAA, and other bodies to educate and promote best practice. You can also read more about those below.

BMAA Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer

As part of its commitment to promote a positive flight safety culture among its pilots, the BMAA employs a Flight Training Liaison and Safety Officer. The key elements to the role are, in no particular order:

  • Analysing accidents and incidents to establish a method of dealing with common causes.
  • To liaise with microlight instructors and examiners to promote the improvement of handling and airmanship skills.
  • Presenting safety information in an effective manner to our membership
  • Regularly contributing a flight safety section to Microlight Flying magazine
  • Representing the BMAA to work with other aviation industry organisations and coordinate with national safety improvement policies.
  • Coordinating risk assessments for BMAA events and competitions
  • Maintaining the training syllabus
  • Reviewing and maintaining the pilot examinations.

The Safety Officer is available to assist and offer guidance on any matters concerning microlight flight safety or gaining an NPPL(M).