Airspace- A  Vital Resource 
Farnborough ACP

TAG Farnborough submitted a proposal for a change of airspace to establish control zones and areas around their aerodrome. The BMAA, along with other recreational aviation groups opposed the ACP on many grounds. Our consultation response was submitted as required by the ACP process. To read a copy follow this link.

Following the consultation the ACP was submitted to the CAA. You can read that proposal. Link to the Farnborough ACP proposal document.

The CAA have finally made a decision to grant the airspace. To read a copy follow this link.

The BMAA will consider the CAA approval and decide upon any further action that can be taken.

As a member of the General Aviation Alliance (GAA) the BMAA supports the GAA statement regarding the approval of the Farnborough ACP. You can read that statement by following this link. To find out more about the GAA, follow this link.