BMAA Technical Office Documents For Aircraft Owners And Inspectors

Aircraft Data Sheets (TADS & HADS) define the aircraft state against which a Permit to Fly is issued.

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The Homebuild Aircraft Data Sheets (HADS) now automatically include Mandatory Permit Directives (found at the end of the document if you continue to scroll).

A list of MPDs, applicable to the aircraft listed below, are available here: HADS MPD List

A list of BMAA Service Bulletins (SBs) applicable to the aircraft listed below, please click here: BMAA Service Bulletins

HM01    Issue 30   Raj Hamsa X'Air (UK)  

HM02    Issue 8     Huntwing Avon

HM03    Issue 4     Aviasud Mistral

HM04    Issue 19   SkyRanger (UK) New October 2021

HM05    Issue 19   Raj Hamsa X'Air Falcon (UK)

HM06    Issue 3     Easy Raider

HM07    Issue 3     Air Creation KISS 400 UK

HM08    Issue 2     Hunt Avon Blade

HM10    Issue 17   MXP-740 Savannah  New November 2021 

HM11    Issue 5     Air Creation KISS 450 UK

HM12    Issue 11   Escapade

HM13    Issue 3     Air Creation iXess UK

HM16    Issue 7     Air Creation Tanarg / iXess 15 UK / iXess 13 UK / Bionix 15 / Bionix 13

HM18    Issue 5     EuroFOX

HM19    Issue 1     SkyRanger LS (UK)

HM20    Issue 1     EV-97 Eurostar SL Microlight 912