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600 Kg - Question and Answer page for your information

Renewing a Permit to Fly. The process explained with links to the relevant forms

Technical Information Leaflets (TILs) are written to give specific information on a variety of topics.

Forms for Technical Applications and Recording.

Aircraft Data Sheets define the aircraft state against which a Permit to Fly is issued.

Type Approval Data sheets for Type Approved aircraft (inc. MPDs)

Type Acceptance Data sheets for Type Accepted aircraft

Homebuilt Aircraft Data sheets for Amateur Built aircraft (inc. MPDs)

Modifications  Find out more information about the requirements and processes for making  modifications to aircraft.

Repairs Find out more information about the requirements and processes for repairing aircraft.

CAA Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) direct link to the CAA website.

Miscellaneous MPDs for all types

Powerplant MPDs for all types

Sharing a Microlight Aircraft - A BMAA Guide

For many members sharing an aircraft is the most economical way to pursue their sport of flying. Following requests from members we have written a guide covering topics that should be considered when entering into an agreement to share an aircraft. We welcome any input from members who may have further topics for inclusion. To download a copy of the Guide follow this link.