BMAA News: During the current health problems we will keep you up to date with all that is happening in the world of microlighting as best we can. The links that follow will take you to News items. You can also contact us and chat with fellow microlight pilots through the online Forum or our Facebook Group page. Links to News and the Forum can also be found in the Information Library above.

September 22 Details of the BMAA AGM are published Link to news

August 17 BMAA Annual Report 2020 published Link to news

August 3 CAA Republish Licence validity extensions. Link to the document

July 23 New 3-Axis Check Flight Video Link to news

June 30 Updated guidance for dual and training flights. Link to news

June 26 Dual flying to restart on 4 July Link to news

June 18 600 Kg Q&A. Find out more about the planned change Link to news

June 5 Catch up with the BMAA Newsletters Link to page

June 3 Flying can start again in Scotland Link to news

May 19 Flying can start in Northern Ireland Link to news

May 16 Check flying at less than Maximum Take-off Weight authorised Link to news

May 15 Recreational flying in England can resume. Link to news

May 13 Latest news on returning to flying and pilot guidance Link to news

May 1 BMAA Council elections and AGM Proposal results Link to news

Welcome to Microlighting

Microlight flying is all about having fun in the air with the least expense and greatest freedom. 

Microlights offer the opportunity to fly your own aircraft when and where you want. You might fly from one of the many microlight airfields around the country where you will make friends with other pilots and share their adventures and social activities, such as flying across the sea to France for lunch or taking part in a flying competition.

Or you might fly from a friendly farmer's field taking off at a time to suit you to explore the local countryside and see the views that are only there from the air.

It's your choice when it comes to microlight flying. Follow the links and book your flight today. You don't know what you are missing until you have tried it.

Book A Microlight Flight

Buy a flight voucher for yourself or someone else today 

Today is the day to get started. Follow the link and buy a flight voucher for your first flight at one of the microlight schools that supports the BMAA Flight Training Voucher Scheme. 

Professional instructors are waiting for your call.

How do I become a Microlight pilot?

The first step is to take a Trial Lesson with a microlight instructor so that you can find out at first-hand how achievable and what great fun it is. If you haven’t already done so you can buy a voucher for your first lesson now through this link.

After your introduction to microlight training through your trial lesson you can take further lessons to complete the microlight pilot’s syllabus which will take you up to gaining a pilot’s licence.

You can find out more about learning to fly in our Information Library.

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