Preston Capes - Competition

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Preston Capes BMAA Microlight Competition 9th/10th June

Based at Red House Farm Strip, Eydon Lane, Preston Capes NN11 3TD, near Daventry.

Organizer Frank Hodgson; 07984159992

The event is weather forecast dependent. The weather decision will be made on Thursday 8th and competitors informed by Email and the BMAA Comp Yahoo group.

Camping available from Friday afternoon, caravans and mobile homes are allowed. No onsite electric. Portaloo only. Tap for washing water only. Bringing dogs is discouraged.

Evening meal Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Saturday and Breakfast and lunch Sunday provided on site at a modest cost.

Competition fee per person £15 plus a donation of £10 to the Starlight Charity

Non competitors; Adult £15, Children (under supervision of non-flying adult) £5

Potential Competitors must register at


The tasks are not too difficult and there will be plenty of advice available for competition newcomers. GPS navigation aids can be used throughout.

All navigation tasks will include a short take-off and a precision landing. Each task will be circa 70 to 80 Nm. The accuracy of competitors flying track (as measured on a GPS logger) to the given route will be scored, in addition to the other aspects of the task. (BMAA GPS loggers will be available for competitors’ use)

The Saturday morning task requires minimum planning, it involves photo spotting (2 photo sheets) whilst flying around a circular shape.

The Saturday afternoon task requires some planning, it involves speed control on 2 straight lines and segment of a circle, there will also be a sheet of photos to spot. Pre-declare the time to fly line 1, fly line 2 in the same time as line 1 was actually flown, and pre-declare the average ground speed flying the segment of the circle.

On Saturday evening there will be a spot landing competition from 1000ft, (beginners to keep the engine on tick over).

The Sunday task will require some planning, it involves predicting the fuel to fly a given route. A planning sheet will be available with leg distances and bearings. There will also be photos to spot.