Paratrikes (Powered Parachutes)

Normally consists of a fabric ram-air or parafoil wing and trike unit.  Seating can be tandem (one behind the other) or side-by-side.

Control is via loop handles connected to control (brake) lines attached to the trailing edge of the ram-air or parafoil wing. Pulling on these lines manipulates the aerofoil shape of the wing, causing it to manoeuvre. The weight and aerodynamics of the trike will also influence control of the aircraft.


COST - Least expensive

TRAINING - Easy & quick to learn 

TAKE-OFF & LANDING - Excellent performance


DESIGNS - Fewest available

RANGE - Shortest range 

SPEED - Slowest cruise speeds


Amazing views and ideal if you're learning on a budget

Powered Parachute Syllabus summary