3-Axis (Fixed Wing)

Normally a traditional layout; wing, fuselage and tail.  Many design combinations are possible; high-wing, low-wing, biplane as well as monowheel, tailwheel and tricycle undercarriage.  Construction types are also varied from tube and fabric to monocoque (wood, metal and composite).  Seating, generally enclosed (some open cockpit), can be tandem (one behind the other) or side-by-side.

Control is achieved typically via a control stick which links directly to the control surfaces (Aileron, Elevator & Rudder) via a mixture of cables and pushrods.  Secondary controls such as flaps and heaters are common, some sleek types also feature airbrakes and advanced avionics such as Autopilots.


SPEED - Fastest cruise speeds

DESIGNS - Lots available

RANGE - Will cover the most range & fly in most conditions


PERFORMANCE - Longer take-off & landing distances

TRAINING - Generally require more time to learn

COST - Most expense


Best selection of designs.  Plus can generally fly more often, faster and further, but at a cost.