About Microlighting

Microlight flying is all about having fun in the air at an affordable cost. There are different types of microlights ranging from completely open to the elements to fully enclosed with heaters. The flying controls differ from the hang glider and parachute type controls to conventional stick and rudder controls. Some aircraft are most suited to slow cruising and sightseeing whilst others are ideal for touring the length and breadth of the country or going abroad. Whichever type you choose the fun element is always there.

Microlights are flown by people of all ages from all walks of life. Age is no barrier to flying microlights. If you are old enough to hold a driving licence you are old enough to hold a microlight pilot's licence.

Learning to fly a microlight is a fun experience. There are specialist microlight schools all over the country waiting for you to call them and have a go. The training is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

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Buy a flight voucher for yourself or someone else today 

Today is the day to get started. Follow the link and buy a flight voucher for your first flight at one of the microlight schools that supports the BMAA Flight Training Voucher Scheme. 

Professional instructors are waiting for your call.