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 Flight Training Vouchers

Through the BMAA you can buy your first microlight flying lesson and start your training towards becoming a Microlight Pilot. You can also purchase a voucher for someone else, they make a great gift. Vouchers are available for one hour or half hour lessons from as little as 75.

Your Flight Training Voucher can be redeemed at one of a number of professional microlight schools where you will be briefed by a qualified instructor before being taken for a flight in a two seat microlight. During the flight the instructor will demonstrate the controls and offer you the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself. This is a real lesson, not just a joy ride!

The Flight Training Voucher package includes a voucher, a list of microlight schools where your voucher can be redeemed, details of how to make your booking, full terms and conditions and a copy of the BMAA magazine Microlight Flying.

BMAA membership

In conjunction with the Flight Training Voucher the BMAA offers an introductory membership option from as little as 18 which entitles the new member to several issues of the BMAA monthly magazine, Microlight Flying. For those new to the sport the magazine will give a great insight into microlighting in Britain and can be upgraded to full membership at a discounted rate.
BMAA membership makes a great addition to a voucher purchase.
To make a purchase
All purchases can be made through the BMAA on-line shop. Your voucher will be sent to you in just a couple of working days and your membership will start from the beginning of next month. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you make your purchase.