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Revalidating your aircraft's Permit to Fly
Each year your aircraft must be inspected and check flown to revalidate its Permit to Fly.

If your Certificate of Validity (C of V) is still valid, the inspection and check flight can be performed up to 60 days prior to its expiry with no loss of duration.

The maximum time between inspection and check flight is also 60 days.  The check flight can be flown before the inspection as long as the C of V is still valid.  Otherwise it must be flown after the inspection.

If you are unsure please contact the Technical Office for advice on 01869 336006.

You can use this date calculator to work out the earliest inspection / check flight date: 

Example:    C of V expiry - 03/06/2017, therefore earliest opportunity for inspection / check flight - 04/04/2017
Inspections can only be carried out by a BMAA appropriately authorised inspector. You can view a list of inspectors here TIL 008.  Alternatively you can check out the new interactive BMAA Inspector Map by clicking here.
Check flights can be carried out by any suitably licenced pilot. The BMAA check flying system is described in the BMAA Check Flying Handbook TIL 042.

At time of application your aircraft must have a valid weight report.
When you apply for revalidation of your aircraft’s Permit to Fly you will need to submit an application form and an inspection and check flight record. You can download the forms from the list below. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are struggling to access (download) the new forms, please delete your browser history and try again.  Also please do not mix and match new and old forms on a submission. 

All microlight types


Permit application form
Aircraft Change of Data Form

Inspector Forms Guidance Notes
Check Flying Handbook
Form AW 001
Form AW 030

Inspector Notes
TIL 042
Flexwing microlights
Inspection Worksheet for Flexwing (updated Nov 2016)
Form AW 006
Check Flight schedule for FlexwingForm AW 011b
3 Axis microlights
Inspection Worksheet for 3 axis (updated Nov 2016) Form AW 007a
Check Flight schedule for 3 axisForm AW 011a
Powered parachutes
Inspection record for Powered Parachutes (updated Nov 2016) Form AW 005a
Check Flight schedule for Powered Parachutes Form AW 011c

You can submit all renewal forms in the following ways:

Document Submission
By post to BMAA, Bullring, Deddington, OX15 0TT
As a scanned copy of the original as a .PDF file attached to an email to permits@bmaa.org
(N.B. other file formats cannot be accepted)
By fax to 01869337116
Attached files and faxs must be clear to read otherwise they cannot be accepted.

Aircraft Weighing:  Refer to TIL 12 Issue 5 and New weighing spreadsheets in XLSX and XLS formats
If your aircraft is due for weighing you please read this by clicking the link:  New weighing procedure 
To make payment for your Permit to Fly revalidation please use the BMAA shop and pay on line using this LINK
Once your Permit to Fly revalidation application has been received by the BMAA office you can check it's progress by looking at the "Where is my paperwork" section of the website.

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