Pound Sterling (£)



Awarded to the best organised Nationals Round
2014 Oakley

2011 Chris and Claire WILLS for the round at Popham Airfield

2010  Jointly to Over Farm and Sutton Meadows

2009 Plaistows

2008 Plaistows

2007  Over Farm (collected by) Rob KEENE

2006  Plaistows

2005  Plaistows

2004  Plaistows (collected by Rob GRIMWOOD/Chris SAYSELL)

2003  Popham (collected by Chris WILLS)

2002  Sywell Airfield

2001  Sywell Airfield (collected by Paul DEWHURST).

2000  Kemble Airfield (collected by Steve SLADE).

1999  Shobdon Airfield.

1998 Joint Winners The Cambridge Microlight Club and Pegasus Flight Training Enstone

1997  The Cambridge Microlight Club

1996 Not awarded

1995  The Midlands Club

1994  joint winners Midland Microlight club/Swansea Airport

1993  Leicester Microlight Club

(Awarded for the first time in 1993)


2014 Tim Burrow

2011 Richard RAWES
2009  David BROOM


2007  Richard RAWES

2006 Not awarded

2005  Richard RAWES

2004  Richard RAWES

2003  Richard RAWES

2002  Pat NICHOLLS

2001 Not awarded due to Foot & Mouth disease

2000  Richard RAWES

1999  Rob KEENE

1998  Rob KEENE

1997  Richard RAWES

1996  John Holloway

1995  Richard RAWES

1994  Richard RAWES

1993  Nigel BEALE

1992  Nigel BEALE

1991  Paul DEWHURST

1990  Peter HICKS



2014 Rob Keene and Tim Keene

2011 Rob GRIMWOOD and his two navigators, John WAITE and Ed WARNELL.
2009  Rob GRIMWOOD and Andy AIKEN

2008  Rob GRIMWOOD and

2007  Paul DEWHURST and Paul WELSH

2006  Not awarded

2005  Rob GRIMWOOD and Chris SAYSELL

2004  Rob GRIMWOOD and Chris SAYSELL

2003  Rob GRIMWOOD and Chris SAYSELL

2002  Rob GRIMWOOD and Chris SAYSELL

2001  Simon BAKER and Anita HOLMES

2000  Steve SLADE and Jeremy HUCKER

1999  Nigel BEALE and Mikaela HURTUBISE

1998  Simon BAKER and Anita HOLMES

1997  Eddie CLAPHAM and Bill MOODY

1996  Paul BOULTBY and Colin BODILL

1995  Simon BAKER and Anita HOLMES

1994  Simon BAKER and Anita HOLMES

1993  Simon BAKER and Anita HOLMES

1992  Barry UNDERWOOD and Peter CALLIS

1991  Barry UNDERWOOD and Peter CALLIS

1990  Simon BAKER and Susanna SIMPSON



2014 David McAfee

2011 Mick KERBY & Colin JONSON


2007 Not awarded

2006 Not awarded

2005  Jay MADHVANI

2004 Not awarded

2003 Jeremy HOYLAND

2002 Not awarded

2001  Paul WELSH

2000  Jim PEARCE

1999  Patrick NICHOLLS

1998 Not awarded

1997  Ian BASTIN

1996  David SEATH and Mike ALLARDICE



2014  Michel CARNET

2011 Barney TOWNSEND
2009  Michel CARNET

2008  Michel CARNET

2007  Michel CARNET

2006  Michel CARNET

2005  Michel CARNET

2004  Paul BAILEY

2003  Michel CARNET

2002  Michel CARNET

2001  Michel CARNET

2000  Michel CARNET

1999 Not awarded

1998  Dan HEEKS

1997  Dan HEEKS

(Awarded for the first time in1997)


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