Pound Sterling (£)


Awarded for outstanding Microlight Achievement.


2014 Richard Bird & Richard Foster

Richard Bird and Richard Foster flew to Capetown and back, which demonstrated not only superb flying skills but astonishing organisation. The numbers are simply amazing. 57 days from the original suggestion to departure; 77 days away; 7600 nautical miles travelled, though they found a short cut on the way home, and the longest single leg was a bladder-busting 7 hours. In every sense, this is an outstanding achievement.

2013 Deepak Mahajan.

Deepak Mahajan obtained a doctorate in Indian medieval history before taking the next logical step and becoming a microlight instructor. Operating originally from Chatteris and now from Damyns Hall north of London, he has, over many years, provided intelligent and useful input to training methods on microlight aircraft, and in particular the development of post-licence training. He has published training ebooks, developed and hosted free instructor workshops and currently serves on the BMAA training committee. He has produced excellent advanced training materials for cross-country flying and hosted

many international tours to encourage the development of safe European flying skills for microlight pilots, as well as publishing videos on YouTube demonstrating how to transit busy class D airspace.

2012 Richard Rawes

Richard Rawes started his flying in gliders and went solo in 1985 before receiving an RAF Flying Scholarship in 1986 where he gained his UK PPL/A. Richard started flying Microlights in 1987 and then in 1994 he did an instructor course and became a Microlight AFI.

During his time in the RAF Richard was the founding Member of RoyalAir Force Microlight Flying Association (RAFMFA) and was RAFMFA Secretary, RAFMFA Operations Member, RAFMFA Meridian Microlight Club Founder and Chairman.

Most of Richards flying in Microlights has been when competing in National and International competitions. He started initially in 1990 in the two seat class before changing in 1993 and competing in the solo flexwing class in his Chaser 508.

Richard has had un rivalled success in the solo class winning the UK National Championships in 1994, 1995, 1997, 2000-2001, 2003, 2004, 2005-2006, 2007, 2008 and finally 2011.

Internationally Richard won Bronze In the European Championships in 1995, silver in the World Air Games in 1997, Bronze in the World Championships in 1999, Bronze in the European Championships in 2000 and 2002,Gold in the European Championships in 2006, 2008 and 2010, and Gold in the World Championships in 2003, 2007 and finally 2012.
Richard Rawes
2011 Dave Sykes For his solo flight from England to Australia.
Dave Sykes
2010 Rob GRIMWOOD and John WAITE, winners of the FAI Gold medal at the European Microlight Championships in Sywell, England.

2009 Jointly to Rob GRIMWOOD, Chris SAYSELL, Rob & Rees KEENE for their flight from the UK to Turin, Italy in one day to attend the 3rd FAI World Air Games, followed by winning Gold and Silver at the Games.
2008 Mark JACKSON and Eve JACKSON for their flight to achieve an altitude of 7395 metres and a time to 6000 metres of 25 minutes and 45 seconds in a flexwing microlight
2007 Not awarded
2006 Eddie McCALLUM, leader of the Geordie Moth Squadron flight along the Danube
2005  Not awarded
2004  Richard MEREDITH-HARDY for his spectacular flight over Everest.
2003  Eve JACKSON for her flight to Tanzania in a 17 year-old Shadow.
2002  Jim PEARCE and co-pilot for the “Around Oz” flight
2001  Simon REEVE for his flight to Australia
2000  Colin BODILL for his round the world solo flight
1999  Hugh BLAND for his flight at age 78 over 34 Celtic Christian sites in Eire, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man and England
1998  Storm SMITH and Rory JEFFES for their flight from India to the UK
1997 Keith INGHAM, Tom GRIEVE and Chris CULLEN for their circumnavigation of Australia
1996 jointly to John HOOD, Eddie McCALLUM, Frank GODFREY and Stewart JACKSON for their flight to Poland
1995 jointly to Barry UNDERWOOD, Rob PRICE, David CRANE and Peter CALLIS for their Madrid to London flights
1994  Hugh KNOX and Tom GREEVE for their flight to Norway
1993  Steve SLADE and Eddie CLAPHAM for flying from Lands End to John O'Groats in one day
1992  Trevor JONES, the first tetraplegic to fly the English Channel (17/10/92)
1991  Anthony M SMYTH for winning the national dawn to dusk competition
1990  David COOK of CFM for his altitude record attempt
1989  Neil HARDIMAN for his round Australia flight
1987  Eve JACKSON
1986  Richard MEREDITH-HARDY
1985  William BROOKS
1984  Peter DAVIES

1983  Malcolm McBRIDE/Jon TYE

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