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BMAA Council Elections 2017

The following 3 nominations were received for the 2017 BMAA Council election. They are listed in alphabetical order of the candidate's surname.


Andy Aiken

BMAA 5417

I have been involved in microlighting since 2006 when I built a Skyranger in my garage in North London transported it to Sywell and started my flying career as a student at Flylight. In 2009 I became a Flying Instructor and for the next 2 years spent my time trying to stop people killing me on a daily basis. I took a break from flying from 2011-2015 when I was out of the country. Throughout my flying career I have been actively involved in competition flying and retain an interest in this area of our sport. I currently fly from a North London Airfield in a Skyranger Nynja that I build in 2015. In December 2016 I was approached by Rob Hughes and asked if I would fill a vacancy on the BMAA council I agreed and for the last 10 months have been actively involved in the business of the BMAA council. In particular liaising with Sandown to help ensure the success of SPAMFIELD and arranging and managing the 2017 BMAA Duxford Bonus day.

If elected there are several areas I would like to take an active interest in, As a priority I believe we must relaunch the BMAA forum. I would continue to develop membership events such as Spamfield and Duxford and look at other membership benefits working to broaden the appeal of BMAA membership to all flyers at the light end of sport aviation in the UK creating an association that people want to join, not have to join. I hope to become involved in the Build a Plane project currently by managed by Terry Viner, this project actively involves young people in microlighting. I would support building on the work already done by the BMAA to simplify the regulation of microlights in the UK.

Paul Dewhurst

BMAA 2917

I have known Andy for over ten years. He has a 'can do' attitude and rolls his sleeves up and cheerfully gets on with things. He has built two aircraft, has a history of volunteering for events and I believe he will be a productive Council member.

Rob Grimwood

BMAA 6573

I believe he would continue to prove to be an asset to the BMAA council. Through his work this last year on council Andy has shown he is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a director understanding and debating  key issues. He has also shown his enthusiasm by organising BMAA events such as the Duxford day and helping with Spamfield.




Rob Hughes

BMAA 2917F

In the last ten years I have given much of my spare time to the BMAA and to microlighting; examples are: chief organiser of the Flying Show five times, event director of the 2010 European Microlight Championships at Sywell and then the 2016 World Microlight & Paramotor Championships at Popham, council member twice before (and current chairman), project leader back in 2009 for a new BMAA website and I am in the process of bringing the BMAA forum back to life after it broke. I spent 5 years working as sports director for the world airsports federation, the FAI, and have also represented microlighters in national and international meetings.

If re-elected, I would concentrate on the club side of our association to make it something we are proud of. Increased use of social media (not least YouTube) to raise awareness of modern microlighting, a programme of events and a central calendar of what’s going on, promoting some of BMAA’s activities such as the ‘New Horizons’ build-a-plane projects and building on other member benefits. There’s a lot going on that we don’t exploit as much as we should and I am keen to change this.

I’ve owned a 2 stroke Thruster, a 503 Rans, then I built an Escapade and now I fly a taildragger Rans 912. This passion for microlighting is shared by many of you and it is what drives me to want to give more time to help us all get the most out of our flying.

I’ve recently asked many of you what you expect from the BMAA and I have the energy and drive to dedicate more time in the future to achieve at least some of what you want. Please vote for me.

Paul Dewhurst

BMAA 2917

'I worked with Rob during my time on council, including seeing him unblocking a BMAA event cesspit after midnight..! As well as shovelling the proverbial, he is also skilled at representing BMAA at a high level, has good PR skills, he built his own Escapade, is active in the lighter sectors, and he understands the issues that matter to members.

Richard Bisiker

BMAA 8742

"I am happy to support Rob's continued presence on the Council. I have witnessed his passion for striving to make the BMAA a better place and thereby helping microlighters get the most out of our membership. His experience on council and also in the wider air sports generally means he adds a lot of value to the BMAA and council."




Frank Thompson

BMAA 9925

My name is Frank Thompson and I am a reasonably new pilot from Hertfordshire.

I took over the running of the Flight Simulator about a year ago form Terry Viner. This year I have already completed ten events at a variety of air shows, scouting jamborees and Young People in Aviation events. Before the end of the year, I have another three more events in the diary.

For the past ten years I have been a Business and a Progression Mentor for the Princes Trust, taking part in a lot of the events the Trust has organised, as well as coaching sixteen individual candidates, who required basic business and financial management training. I am now looking for a new challenge and recognise that I have the energy and time to devote to being a council member for the BMAA.

The skills I can bring to the Council are knowledge of business management and procurement, having worked with British Airways for many years, and engineering skills from working with IBM and through my hobbies as a model engineer. I can also offer presentation skills, having travelled extensively throughout the world representing both companies in meetings and business conventions.

Last year I had the opportunity of working at the World Championships, held at Popham Airfield. I was asked to be Safety Manager for the event, and I also helped to organise the Trade Show and marshal the event.

During my involvement over the past year, I have enjoyed the hard work and dedication that has been required to promote of the BMAA, and I also realise that it is not an easy task to recruit volunteers to take on the roles within the Association. Therefore, I am putting myself forward to be a Council Member.

Gary Wade

BMAA 10646

I would like to put forward Frank Thompson for a place on the BMAA committee. I have known Frank for four years and find his interest in and enthusiasm for flying quite infectious. Frank has a kind disposition and generosity of his time. I believe Frank's skills, knowledge and enthusiasm would be of great benefit on the BMAA committee.

Richard Higton

BMAA 6359

Frank has extensive managerial experience and now uses this to mentor young entrepreneurs. Frank already works voluntarily with the BMAA enthusiastically maintaining and improving the flight simulator to great success at the many events he has attended with it. Frank’s commitment and enthusiasm is invaluable. He would be a real asset to the BMAA and I recommend him to members.

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