Pound Sterling (£)

Type Acceptance Data Sheets
Issue Type
BMO1 3 Eagle 215B
BMO2 3 Eagle 430B
BMO3 2 Quicksilver MX
BMO4 3 Quicksilver MX II
BMO5 2 Solo Striker/Tripacer
BMO5/C 3 Solo Striker/Rapier
BMO6 7 Tiger Cub 440
BMO7 6 Goldwing
BMO7A 1 Goldwing SP
BMO8 8 Pathfinder 1
BMO9 7 Striker & Sealander
BMO10 4 Phantom
BMO11 2 Pterodactyl Ptraveller
BMO12 2 Typhoon/Triflyer
BMO13 2 Typhoon/Hornet
BMO15 3 Typhoon/Tripacer
BMO16 1 Demon/Tripacer
BMO18 1 Lazair III
BMO19 2 Panther XL & Typhoon XL/Panther
BMO20 3 Photon/Triflyer
BMO20A 2 Pegasus Photon
BMO20B 2 Photon/Lightfly
BMO21 1 Tiger Cub 440, Romain Modified
BMO22 1 Demon/Skytrike
BMO23 2 Demon/Triflyer
BMO24 2 Lightning/Tripacer & Lightning Phase II/Tripacer
BMO26 1 Dual Sealander/Willow
BMO28 1 Typhoon/Tanjani Trike
BMO29 1 Jordan Duet Series 1
BMO30 1 Eagle Amphibian
BMO31 2 Teman Mono-Fly
BMO33 1 Raven/Puma
BMO34 2 Dragon 150 & Dragon 200
BMO35 1 Typhoon/Solar Trike
BMO36 1 Typhoon/Brooks Prone
BMO37 1 130SX/Half Pint
BMO38 1 130SX/Alpha & Alpha Mk2
BMO39 1 110SX/Chaser
BMO40 1 110SX/Cyclone 70
BMO41 1 130SX/Cyclone 70 & 130SX/Firefly
BMO42 6 Gemini Sprint-X, Triflyer Sprint-X, Puma Sprint-X, Sprint Triflyer 440
BMO43 4 Lightning DS/Puma, Puma DS Mk1, Lightning DS/Puma 440
BMO44 1 Weedhopper JC-24-B
BMO45 3 Mirage Mk1 & Mk2
BMO48 2 Quicksilver MXL
BMO49 1 Nimrod/Tripacer
BMO50 1 Nimrod/Triflyer
BMO51 2 Nimrod/Chargus T250
BMO52 4 MEA Mistral
BMO53 1 Chargus Titan
BMO54 1 Lightning/Wildcat, Lightning II/Wildcat, Lightning II/Wildcat Mk2
BMO55 1 Gryphon/Tripacer
BMO56 2 Lightning DS/Triflyer, Lightning DS/Triflyer 440
BMO57 1 Southern Flyer
BMO58 1 Scout Mk1, Mk2, Mk3
BMO59 1 Striker Dual/Invader
BMO60 3 Whittaker MW5a
BMO61 2 Sirocco 377GB
BMO62 2 Whittaker MW4
BMO64 3 Quicksilver MXL II
BMO66 1 Microchute UQ
BMO67 1 Garland Skytrike/Dual Striker
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