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BMAA Forms
Form Issue Title
1 28 Permit Revalidation Application
2a.doc 10 Modification Application - Word document
2a.pdf 10 Modification Application - PDF
2b.doc 12 Repair Application - Word document
2b.pdf 12 Repair Application - PDF
2c.pdf1Strobe Fitment Application - PDF
3 5 BMAA Flight Release Certificate
5 9a Powered Parachute Inspection Schedule
6 8a Flexwing Inspection Schedule
7 8a 3-axis & 2-axis Inspection Schedule
8a 12 BMAA Inspector Initial Application
8b 12 BMAA Inspector Renewal Application
10a 2 3-axis Flight Test Plan
10b 1 Flexwing Flight Test Plan
11a 7 3-axis Check Flight Schedule for Permit Revalidation
Flexwing Check Flight Schedule for Permit Revalidation
Powered-Parachute Check Flight Schedule for Permit Revalidation
15 3 Application for Type Acceptance
18 2 Application for Hiring Exemption
19 2 Microlight Club Safety Officer Application
20 5 Accident Report Form
21 3 Incident Report Form
22 7 Homebuilt Aircraft Project Registration
27a 3 3-axis Flight Test Schedule for Minor Powerplant Changes
27b 1 Flexwing Flight Test Schedule for Minor Powerplant Changes
27c 1 Powered Parachute Flight Test Schedule for Minor Powerplant Changes
28 10 Weight and CG Report Spreadsheet (.xlsx for later versions of MS Excel)
2810Weight and CG Report Spreadsheet (.xls for older versions of MS Excel)

Guide to using new BMAA Spreadsheet
304Aircraft Change of Data Sheet (CDS AW030) 
35 1 Camera Installation Checklist
41a 2 Engine Installation Checklist - Generic
41b 3 Engine Installation Checklist - Jabiru
41c 2 Engine Installation Checklist - Simonini
41d 2 Engine Installation Checklist - Verner
42 2 Clasification of Manufacturer Designed Modification
43 3 ASI Calibration Help Sheet
44a 1 Declaration to BMAA of Company Staff - Approved Company
44b 1 Declaration to BMAA of Company Staff - Non-Approved Company
46 1 Details of Removed Aircraft Part
47 1 Test Pilot Feedback
49 1 Details of Airfield or Airstrip
50 1 Flight Test Observer Request
51a 1 Flight Test Plan
53 1 Inspector Authorisation Record
57 8 Inspector Audit Form
58 1 Test Schedule for Initial Approval of 3-axis Aircraft
64 4 Application for Owner Inspection Authorisation
68 1 Aircraft Worksheet
70 1 Aircraft Survey Report
71 3 Aircraft Damage Report
74.doc 1 Repair Proposal Template - Word document
74.pdf 1 Repair Proposal Template - PDF
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