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BMAA Forum

The BMAA Council has reviewed the forum and following a very thorough review of information at the latest Council meeting decided to set up a sub-committee consisting of Bob Perrin, Kirk Sutton and Paul Dewhurst to recommend revamping and improving it, with particular attention to the following topics:
Use of new software to improve functionality and freshen up the look.
Moderation - with activity at normal levels, the business of moderation is too much for one person, and we will be looking to set up a team of moderators.
Moderation policy, to help ensure consistent guidelines are applied.
Revised topic areas and access rights
We would welcome advice from forum members on these changes, but please get in touch with the subcommittee as soon as possible. Following the report of the sub-committee, the Council is looking to introduce the changes without undue delay.

We expect to allow non-member posting in certain areas, and as an immediate step in that direction (and to ensure maximum constructive advice on the changes) anyone (including non-members) who applies to Bob Perrin at bob@blcp.co.uk will be allowed to post with immediate effect.
Please note that the sub-committee may recommend a re-organised topic structure in which case non-members' posting rights may be modified in the future.

Here is summary of the facts relating to the forum.

about 900 BMAA members (24% of BMAA) - Bob Perrin's estimate at the moment.
about 150 BMAA members are regular posters (4% of BMAA) - based on analysis of figures over the last two years.
Cost of libel insurance (to protect the assets of the 96% of other members) - around 1500/year (currently a bit more than that).
So each poster costs the BMAA about 10/year, or half the cost of sending them MF.

Is it a good shop window for the BMAA? Careful comparison of all new members joining over the past two years has shown that only 7 (about 1%) had joined the forum beforehand. How much this influenced their decision to join, and how many others may have been put off by the sometimes bad-tempered and anti-BMAA chat is a matter of speculation.

It should be clear from the above that at the moment it is something of an exclusive benefit for the few subsidised by the many, with little or no evidence that it attracts new members. We hope that the changes proposed by the sub-committee will turn this round. They will welcome your constructive suggestions.

David Bremner
BMAA Chairman
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