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EuroFOX gain A8-1 Approval

EuroFOX gain A8-1 Approval

Congratulations to the manufacturers of the EuroFOX who have now gained Manufacturer approval from the CAA.

Their Press Release is copied below.

Ascent Industries (the parent company of EuroFOX Aviation) is delighted to announce that the company has now received CAA approval of their Company Exposition A8-1. This permits the company to produce ready to fly, factory built microlights, as well as test and development work for modifications and additional options.

Only a handful of companies have achieved this A8-1 CAA approval in the last decade and Ascent Industries will start immediate production of the Nose and Tail wheel, 450kg and 472.5kg MAUW, Rotax 912UL and 912ULS EuroFOX aircraft. The company has already received a number of orders for RTF microlights which were waiting this approval.

Ascent Industries have invested heavily in their exclusive use new UK factory and airfield facility in Kent, offering full spares support, repair, maintenance and permit renewals.

This approval of the factory built EuroFOX compliments the existing EuroFOX approval as a microlight advanced kit under the BMAA and the EuroFOX LSA 560 kg advanced kit under the LAA. The EuroFOX advanced kit will continue to be available to add to the existing UK fleet of over 70 microlight and LSA aircraft, almost 500 EuroFOX aircraft are flying worldwide.

Ascent’s Roger Cornwell explains “We would like to thank the CAA and BMAA for their hard and diligent work to approve our new facility. Our aim was to have the approval before the 2016 flying season starts, and despite the daily heavy workload and pressures on the CAA and BMAA, both organisations were able to make it happen. The willingness to find solutions to any issues that arose has been much appreciated”.

He continued “The EuroFOX as a ready to fly microlight offers UK customers, training schools, groups and individuals alike a compelling choice in Nose or Tail wheel configuration from a proven aircraft”

The suitability of the EuroFOX as a primary trainer is proven for decades in the USA and mainland Europe, and of course the structural integrity of the EuroFOX is firmly established with its constant use as a 560 kgs MAUW glider tug worldwide. The aircraft has pioneered and revolutionising the UK glider tug market with its Rotax 912iS and 914UL turbo models, capable of aerotowing gliders up to 750 kgs.

Aeropro’ s general manager Mr Peter Toncek commented “We have worked closely with EuroFOX Aviation to provide the data to achieve this UK CAA approval. This now brings the UK into line with all other European countries, where a factory produced, ready to fly microlight aircraft has been available since 1990. Our sales to the UK are very important for Aeropro and with this new approval it will increase the proportion of microlights sold”

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