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Royal Aero Club Trust Bursary Awards

Royal Aero Club Trust Bursary Awards


Advancing the cause of air sport and aviation


  • Aged between 14 years and 21 years; or for a follow-on bursary 24 years?
  • Have a basic air sport qualification?
  • Wish to advance your air sport qualifications but lack the funds?
  • Would up to £1,000 help you realise your air sport ambitions?

The Royal Aero Club Trust announces its bursary scheme for young people for the 2016 season. The bursaries include The President’s Scholarships (2 bursaries each worth up to £750); the Peter Cruddas Foundation Scholarship worth up to £1,000; the Breitling Bursary worth up to £750; the MacRobert Trust Bursaries (2 bursaries each worth up to £500); and the Bramson Bursary, which is one of a number of additional bursaries worth up to £500 each, to anyone between 14 and 21 years of age (or 24 years for a follow-on bursary) wishing to develop their interest in either air sports or aviation.


The Royal Aero Club Trust has been offering bursaries for fifteen years and a wide range of grants have been awarded. Activities available in the programme include gliding, ballooning, paragliding, hang gliding, parachuting, flying microlights, motor gliders, light aircraft and helicopters, and building and flying model aircraft. Bursaries are also available for Personal Computer or Flight Simulator pilots wishing to have their first experience of an air sport.

Applicants must be UK citizens, resident in the UK, and training and flying can only be conducted at Clubs, Associations or training establishments in the UK. Applications, which must arrive at the Trust by 31 March 2016, are to be submitted through a Sponsoring Organisation, Club or Association.


Full details and the rules of the recently changed scheme, as well as an application form, are available on the Royal Aero Club Trust web site, www.royalaeroclubtrust.org

The Trust is very grateful to its sponsors who generously provide the funds for bursaries. If you, or your organisation, would like to assist young people in this way by becoming a Trust sponsor, please make contact with the Trust or click on “Donations” on the Trust website, www.royalaeroclubtrust.org


The Trustees agreed significant changes to the Bursary Scheme from 2015. Following consultation with previous award winners, the Scheme was extended to permit applications from a wider age range (14 to 21 years), and from light aircraft trainee pilots who have flown solo. The Scheme also provides financial assistance to trainee balloon pilots who have to enter for mandatory examinations. Additionally, a new category of bursary was introduced for well qualified air sports participants aged up to 24 years. Styled the “Follow on Bursary”, the intention is to encourage committed applicants to reach even higher levels of achievement through, for example, participation in national and international competitions. These new opportunities should encourage a wider range of young persons to access and benefit from participation in air sports.

To Contact the Bursary Administrator:

David Bills, please log in to: (Bursaries@royalaeroclubtrust.org)

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